This is a sampling of some of what I've accomplished using the geomatics skills I've acquired and strengthened over the past two years.
Please contact me should you wish to look at my complete resume.

Geographic Information Systems

• Developed workflows suiting the unique challenges of geospatial problems using both proprietary and open source technologies, to provide clients with the solution that’s right for them.

• Competency with ArcGIS for Desktop (10.x), ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and QGIS. Comfortable working with versioned data in an enterprise environment.

• Employed knowledge of geoprocessing and spatial analysis methodologies including projection issues to ensure data integrity between spatial database objects.

• Used ArcGIS Network Analyst to update routes and associated event tables for municipal waste collection routes and exported into KML format, for use in a collection reminder app compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo digital assistants.

• Wrote a Python script to calculate cumulative elevation gain using the Z values of vertices within 3D polylines, used to calculate difficulty/skill level for recreational trails in municipal database.

• Created custom Python script tools to perform automated batch processing of data within an Esri geoprocessing framework, eliminating the need to manually perform clips, data exports, and other tasks needing to be performed on a regular basis.

• Developed a dynamic web map using GeoServer and Leaflet to display GeoJSON data derived from PostGIS tables.

Coding & IT

• Refined a PostgreSQL database, normalizing and amending data ensure reliability, data integrity, and long term product scalability.

• Use of VMWare ESXi virtualization environment to test web GIS applications in an Ubuntu Linux development environment.

• Created Python scripts incorporating the numpy, pandas, and geopandas modules to process spreadsheet data for use in a GIS.

• Designed and developed a new QGIS 3 GUI plugin using PyQt5 and the QGIS Python API.

• Leveraged Django, Javascript, CSS, and HTML 5 to create dynamic web applications.


• Applied knowledge of cartographic design and production concepts to create information-rich print maps to client specifications.

• Designed a series of local road maps drawing data from continually updated layers within enterprise GIS, resulting in the ability to efficiently produce new maps each year featuring any updates made to the data, yet maintaining existing symbology, label classes, and layout elements.

• Experience using Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and AutoDesk software to produce technical illustrations for mapping applications.

• Use of free and open source graphics software (Inkscape, GIMP) to create professional-grade maps and graphics.


Planned and scheduled tasks for a collaborative team developing a new enterprise GIS. Followed up with team members to ensure timelines and standards of quality were met.

Managed groups of up to 30 employees, training new hires, and providing ongoing team mentorship and QA. Used scheduling software to manage a rota for 200 team members.

• Responded to external requests from citizens seeking map graphics, AutoCAD files, and other municipal geographic data.

• Participated in and facilitated monthly face-to-face and Skype meetings to discuss ongoing GIS projects with colleagues.

Created documentation for recurring or predictable procedures and processes, to ease the transfer of job responsibilities between employees or across service areas.

• Liaised with internal personnel from all company departments to address technical, HR, and customer service issues.