Spring, 2018

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ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3.1, Inkscape 0.92.3, and GIMP 2.10.0 were used to create an up-to-date and attractive county road map at a 1:80,000 scale during my employment at the Municipality of the County of Kings in 2018. The various GIS data layers, including a hillshade created using DEM data provided to the Municipality by the Applied Geomatics Research Group in Middleton, Nova Scotia, were initially compiled and symbolized according to provincial standards using ArcGIS. Graphic elements such as highway shields and exit ramp symbols were created using GIMP and added to the layout, which was then exported to scalable vector graphics (SVG) format, enabling me to refine label placement and incorporate additional aesthetic effects including transparent text halos and feathered text box edges.

GIMP and Inkscape are both free, open source graphics editors, and I was pleased to see that both of these interacted well with GIS data, allowing me to make many of the same cartographic refinements typically accomplished using proprietary commercial software.

All major roads within the municipality have been labelled on this map, but to accommodate towns and growth centres where streets are denser, I’ve also created a complementary series of twelve tabloid-sized maps to serve as a street atlas for these areas and demarcate local areas of interest.

All of these have been made available to the public on the Municipality’s web site. The large map, as well as a smaller version, may also be purchased in hard copy from the front desk at the Municipality of the County of Kings office buildings in Kentville, Nova Scotia.