December, 2018

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A GUI-based QGIS plugin I developed using QGIS 3.4.1 and Python 3.7.0 along with the QGIS Python API and Qt Designer. The plugin allows users to visually explore Relationships (as defined in the QGIS project settings) between related tables of attribute data. This is similar to the 'View Related Data' functionality within ArcGIS for Desktop.

The purpose of this project was to strengthen my object-oriented programming skills, applying the concepts of inheritance/hierarchy, encapsulation, and polymorphism to create the best possible code. This project also served as an introduction to GUI programming concepts including layout management, event-driven programming, and widgets.

This plugin is incomplete and is included here as a demonstration of my programming skills only. In my documentation for the project, I've outlined several features needing to be implemented in order to create a fully functioning product.