Spring, 2018

Town of Wolfville: 4-Colour Brochure

Download full size (11 x 17", 5.19 MB, PDF)

Town of Wolfville: Greyscale Brochure

Download full size (11 x 17", 2.28 MB, PDF)

These tourist brochures were designed as part of my coursework at the Centre of Geographic Sciences, concluding my first year Cartography class. To create them, Nova Scotia Topographic Database vector data was assembled within ArcGIS for Desktop 10.6 and exported to Adobe Illustrator format for further refinement. All additional graphic design, as well as the brochure's overall layout, was completed in Illustrator.

To create an interesting and appealing map for visitors to the area, I researched notable attractions, such as the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University and the downtown Mona Parsons Statue, and included them as points of interest on the map. In addition to these custom additions, street names and other text labels automatically generated by ArcGIS were hand-edited within Illustrator for maximum clarity.

The 4-colour version uses a colour scheme designed to complement the Town of Wolfville's logo. The four hues were saved as Swatches within Illustrator, where they were used to create a final design incorporating them in varying tints. The greyscale version was created from scratch with careful attention paid to the varying black values of different features, ensuring that the map's legibility and attractiveness was not diminished when rendered without colour.

Both maps are designed to be printed and folded accordion-style.